We have recently update our prices for Domain Name Registration. The key changes are as follows

1. Annual price increase

Yes. We are not going to hide the fact that there are price increases, in particular, for .com, .net and .org domains.

We have tried to maintain our prices over the years while the other registries have been increasing theirs. If we do not adjust our prices out hosting customers will have to start subsidising customers who only use our domain name registration service

2. Annual price decrease

We have also adjusted down what we can. This includes prices on .eu, .asia, .uk and .us domains. They are now more affordable, starting from $15 for one year!

3. Multi-year discounts

In addition, we now offer discounts if your register/renew your domain name for 3 years or more!

You will receive a discount of 10% when you register/renew your domain name for 3 (or 4) years and a discount of 20% when your register/renew your domain for 5 years or more!

The new prices come into effect immediately.