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Basic Hosting Plan

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Price $25 / mth

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$25 / mth

Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited
Data Transfer
25 GB / mth Unlimited
Email 25 Email Accounts Unlimited Emails Accounts
Site Statistics / Access to Logs
Yes Yes
FTP Access



Control Panel Access Yes Yes
Database Unlimited


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New Domains

The following domain name extensions can now be registered with MyLittleWeb.Net.

Generic Domains

.asia .biz .com .info .mobi, .name .net .org .pro .tel

Country Code Domains

.au .bz .ca .cc .cn .co .de .es .eu .hk .in .me .mn .nl .nz .pw .ru .sg .sx .tv .uk .us .ws

We have been able to maintain our competitive prices on popular domains such as .com, .net, and .org, and have reduced prices of many other domains.

Check out our Domain Names page for more information or go to our registration page directly to register your domain now.

New Hosting Plans

Wordpress Hosting / Bloggers

We are also please to announce that we have new web hosting plans to cater to different need. Our Wordpress Starter Plan for bloggers come with 1 GB of diskspace and costs only SGD $50 annually!

Small Businesses / SMEs

We heard you and we understand that you do not need the unlimited package, at least for now. We are pleased to launch our Basic Hosting Plan that costs only SGD $25 monthly provides you with sufficient email and web hosting for you to get online. You can easily upgrade your plan as you grow.

For those requiring hosting for multiple domains, or hosting in different countries, we have a plan for you too!


Register your own .biz domain today at SGD $11.99 for the first year*!

* - Not applicable for renewals and transfers


Also check out the current promotions on .IN, .CN.COM, .EU, and .CO domain names. and domain names are now available from SGD $25 a year for 2-year registration period.

Register your .au domain now through our orderbox.

Do not forget to check out our regular promotion deals!

.DE and .ES domains are now available from as low as $16 a year.

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