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Earthquake in Taiwan results in slow internet service in Singapore

The earthquake in Taiwan has wrecked havoc online among thousands of internet users in Asia.

Singapore has also been affected - with major online disruptions.

Others in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong were also hit, after the quake damaged several undersea cables around Taiwan.

Service providers say the recovery process will take days, if not weeks.

Taiwan quake disrupts Internet

The strong Taiwan earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 7.1, damaged several undersea data cables in the region on Wednesday, jamming up the Internet, a Hong Kong phone operator said.

"Due to the earthquake that hit Taiwan last night, several undersea data cables were damaged," said a spokesman for PCCW, Hong Kong's biggest fixed-line operator.

"Data traffic to Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the United States is affected," he said, adding that the company was diverting the data and monitoring the restoration of the cables.

Undersea cables have the globe hardwired for communication

The disruption to international telecom and Internet services Wednesday caused by a strong earthquake in Taiwan highlight our increasing dependence on high-tech cable systems across the world.

The earthquake, measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, hit southern Taiwan hard late Tuesday and disturbed several of the massive submarine cables running offshore which link countries in Asia with the United States and beyond.